Poodle Breeders

    There are many breeders out there.  Here are some breeders that have shared their information with the author of this site.  Please make sure you check out the breeder that you are looking to get your pet from, whether listed here or found elsewhere.  Responsible breeders have their poodles genetically tested and take very good care of their animals, including providing them premium food and constant access to water. 


United States:
Alegros Poodles - www.alegrospoodles.com/ - Denton,TX
Ark-Ola Poodles - www.interpoodle.com - San Jose, California
Argan Standard Poodles - www.arganpoodles.net - Mesquite, Texas
Astrae Standard Poodles - members.buckeye-express.com/jcwilson/index.htm - Toledo, Ohio
Blu Majic Standard Poodles - www.blumajicstdpoodles.com - Staten Island, New York
Boshi Standard Poodles - www.boshipoodles.com - Palatka, Florida
Central Carolina Poodle Club - www.centralcarolinapoodleclub.org - North & South Carolina  (Information & links to more Poodle breeders)
Charis Standard Poodles - www.charispoodles.net - Raleigh, North Carolina
Dogs in Style - www.dogsinstyle.com - Stafford, Virginia
G8rcreek Poodles - www.g8rcreekpoodles.com - Griffin, Georgia
ParrisHill Standard Poodles - www.parrishill.com - Asbury, New Jersey
Shir-Lee's Poodles - www.poodletales.com/Shir_lees.htm - Hawthorne, Florida
Sterling Standard Poodles - www.sterlingpoodlepuppies.com - Doyle, California
Swift Water Standard Poodles - www.swiftwaterpudels.com - Merrimac, Massachusetts
Tallyho Standard Poodles - www.tallyhopoodles.com - Taylors, South Carolina

Moet Standard Poodles - www.moetpoodles.com - Rigaud, Québec
Rayah Standard Poodles - www.rayah.net - Chatsworth, Ontario
Sandhill Standard Poodles - www.sandhill.ca - Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
Winter garden Poodles - www.wintergardenpoodles.com - Kamloops, British Columbia

Avonti Standard Poodles - www.avontipoodles.com - Flagstaff Hill South Australia



Why Poodle cross breeds are NOT recommended.

Information on how to select a Poodle and questions to ask the Breeder.

How to select a Poodle Breeder


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